FAQ Series: Is Pipe Spring™ PHMSA Approved?

Question: Is Pipe Spring™ approved by PHMSA?

Answer: The Pipeline and Hazardous Safety Administration (PHMSA) does have safety jurisdiction over many pipeline assets located in the USA. However, it is important to understand PHMSA does not approve any product or specific technology.

49 CFR 192 specially allows repairs “by a method that reliable engineering tests and analyses show can permanently restore the serviceability of the pipe.” 49 CFR 195 has slightly different language. It is widely agreed that pipeline operators have flexibility to adopt new technology and are required to document the “reliable engineering tests and analyses” which serve to address the decision.

Operators are also required to include their repair technologies within their operating and maintenance (O&M) language.

Pipe Spring LLC has compiled a significant body of engineering tests and analyses to help satisfy the operator’s requirements to document these items. They are available to operators upon request as one package that will satisfy this regulatory requirement.

Prior to use on regulated pipelines, operators may want to amend their existing O&M language or approved repair lists referenced in their O&M language to include Pipe Spring™.