Better Integrity. Lower Cost.

Integrity does matter. It matters at the individual level, the company level, and as applied to pipelines.  Pipe Spring LLC was founded to be a commercial entity. It has been argued that the only purpose of a company, a corporation, or a commercial entity is to produce financial profits for the owners or shareholders. Others have argued that such a business or commercial entity should have an obligation to produce societal benefits for its many potential stakeholders. Rather than serve as a jury or arbitrator for such arguments, one might suggest that if incentives and motivations can be well aligned, a commercial entity might find a pleasant position by understanding the needs of the pipeline integrity management profession and endeavoring to produce products that benefit both shareholder and stakeholders.

As a personal quality, integrity has synonyms or meanings such as honor, morality, decency, fairness, truthfulness, and trustworthiness. These words all strongly imply that integrity is an inescapable “good.” There may be some slight shades of gray in this definition but either one has integrity or one does not.

In the engineering or structural world, integrity has synonyms or meaning of unimpaired, soundness in construction, robustness, durability, sturdiness, and toughness. Again, the more integrity the better. Perhaps the shades of gray are a bit more numerous.

When considering the pipeline integrity profession, the industry typically modifies the meaning by adding the world “management.” One typically must commit resources to “management.”  It takes people and money. For pipeline integrity management, more may not be better. Resources are often finite and limited. Budgets are often reality. However, integrity remains the inescapable “good” that should be maximized. The more the better!

Pipe Spring LLC offers products that improve integrity and cost less. The integrity of the pipeline will be improved. The pipeline integrity management profession will see the benefits. With lower costs, the pipeline integrity management professional will not even need to suffer the slings and arrows of budget constraints. Pipe Spring LLC stakeholders’ benefit in a myriad of fashions. With Pipe Spring LLC there are fewer unscheduled releases, fewer accidents, and improved safety for employees, contractors and the public.

The Laughlin Father/Daughter Duo

Pipe Spring LLC is a family business owned by Molly Laughlin Doran and managed by President and CEO, Shawn Laughlin.

Shawn Laughlin is the President and CEO of Pipe Spring LLC. He has extensive experience in both the welding industry and the pipeline industry. Mr. Laughlin began his career with Lincoln Electric. His international experience includes serving as Regional Manager for the Former Soviet Union and VP of Sales of Lincoln Electric Asia Pacific. In 1998 he accepted the position of President and CEO of Clock Spring Company, LP. Over his 19 year tenure, the company transformed from a break even start up to a globally recognized leader in pipeline repairs.

Mr. Laughlin holds a BS, Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA in International Business and Finance.

Molly Laughlin Doran is the owner of Pipe Spring LLC. She has experience in both public affairs and stakeholder engagement. She is a founding member of Young Pipeline Professionals USA and has served over the last five years in roles such as Secretary, Vice Chair, and Chair. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Young Pipeline Professionals USA, Inc. with other industry executives and regulators. Prior to her experience at a pipeline operator, she was Marketing Manager at Clock Spring Company, L.P.

Mrs. Laughlin Doran holds a bachelor’s degree in Government from The University of Texas at Austin and an MBA with a concentration in International Business from The University of St. Thomas.