About Us

Better Integrity. Lower Cost.

Pipe Spring™ utilizes thin layer steel and a modern toughened adhesive system to create a laminated steel sleeve system. A two-component epoxy system is used as a filler material and to fill any area of metal loss or around any weld or other protuberance on the pipe. The resultant steel sleeve provides reinforcement to the pipe and effectively mitigates various integrity threats. It can be used as a repair system. It can also be utilized to augment existing pipe for purposes of a change in design factor, class location change, pressure increase, or providing additional known properties.

The Laughlin Family

Pipe Spring LLC is a family business owned by Molly Laughlin Doran and managed by President and CEO, Shawn Laughlin.

Shawn Laughlin is the President and CEO of Pipe Spring LLC. He has extensive experience in both the welding industry and the pipeline industry. Mr. Laughlin began his career with Lincoln Electric. His international experience includes serving as Regional Manager for the Former Soviet Union and VP of Sales of Lincoln Electric Asia Pacific. In 1998 he accepted the position of President and CEO of Clock Spring Company, LP. Over his 19 year tenure, the company transformed from a break even start up to a globally recognized leader in pipeline repairs.

Mr. Laughlin holds a BS, Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA in International Business and Finance.

Molly Laughlin Doran is the owner of Pipe Spring LLC. She has experience in many different functions in the midstream sector from Damage Prevention and Public Awareness to Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS). She is a founding member of Young Pipeline Professionals USA and is the current President of the Board of Directors. Prior to her experience at a pipeline operator, she was Marketing Manager at Clock Spring Company, L.P.

Mrs. Laughlin Doran holds a bachelor’s degree in Government from The University of Texas at Austin and an MBA with a concentration in International Business from The University of St. Thomas.